B3D 'Code Exporter' für 3dsmax 2010

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First attempt!

Samstag, 17. Juli 2010 von pioj
Due the lack of any kind of support for 3dsmax 2010 in the B3D Pipeline, I decided to design this little code generator.

user posted image

Export a basic scene template directly to .bb code to help projects develop faster. This includes:

Planned Features:
- Export 1 Camera as the default Scene Camera
- Export 1 Light as the default Scene Light
- Export 1 plane as an Infinite Plane

- Export Meshes as Pivots so you can later subtitute them with your meshes
- Export Editable Splines as series of DATA values which contains every vertex position

- Generated Code comes with basic mouse & keyboard control for an easy navigation in the scene

- Preview option to inspect the exported scene

All selection code is already written, so I'm right now with the Export feature itself. As I don't know the kind of support in Maxscript for creating files from scratch I can't predict when I'll finish this part.