solution to "error 0xc0000022" on Windows 10

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Betreff: solution to "error 0xc0000022" on Windows 10

BeitragMo, Dez 25, 2017 21:03
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in english :
When trying to run a program made with Blitz3d, on Windows 10, ( same problem on Windows 8 ), if "directplay is not installed/activated, you will see a message "error 0xc0000022" and the program can't be ran...
The cause of the problem is apparently "directplay" which is not installed/activated by default on these OS.
You can install/activate "directplay" manually by searching for "Windows features", then a window will open and you will find "directplay" under "Legacy components", however this is an obstacle to have to do that and not good for the users of your game/tool.

Fortunately, an update has been created (by "kfprimm") to not have to install/activate "directplay" by removing it from Blitz3d, if you are interested follow this procedure :

install Blitz3d 1.64 (by Blitzresearch)
install Blitz3d update 1.107 (by Blitzresearch)
install Blitz3d update 1.108 (by kfprimm) (=replace the files runtime.dll and fmod.dll by those provided by kfprimm)

Here are all the files you need :

From now on, your executables will not need to install/activate directplay on Windows 10 !!! (and probably same thing for Windows 8 (not tested))

It works well on my computers, please test it and report...

(i had to register by using google translator, not easy, but i did it ! :-p)


ehemals "Cgamer"

BeitragDi, Dez 26, 2017 15:56
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EN: A similar solution exists as BlitzNext:, a project that started before BlitzLLVM. BlitzNext recompiles Blitz3D under VS2015, adds support for Nvidia Optimus, allows creating non-power-of-two textures as well as render targets on real D3D7 systems and changed some internal routines to work faster. Unfortunately this broke the debugger, so if that patch works with a debugger, nice.

DE: Eine ähnliche Lösung existiert als BlitzNext:, ein Projekt das vor BlitzLLVM versucht wurde. BlitzNext wurde auf VS2015 kompiliert, unterstützt Nvidia Optmius, erlaubt non-power-of-two Texturen und auch RenderTargets auf echten D3D7 systemen und hat ein paar interne Befehle geändert noch schneller zu laufen. Unglücklicherweise ist der debugger damit kaputtgegangen, also wenn dieser patch damit funktioniert ist der toll.
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BeitragSa, Nov 10, 2018 21:55
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problem : on Windows 8 and Windows 10, when a user runs an executable made with Blitz3d, it will show an error "0xc0000022" message, this is because directplay is not installed / activated and needs to be installed / activated

another way to prevent this problem :
add the directplay dll with your executable (so game.exe and dplayx.dll in the same directory)
you can download dplayx.dll, online, or here :
(you can probably use others versions, but i have found this one which works well !)

(and you also need to include fmod.dll with your executable... (so game.exe and fmod.dll in the same directory))

have fun Very Happy
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